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In Mysterious Ways


Lang Garrett, a successful Los Angeles artist travels to Phoenix with his girlfriend Amanda Howard, a nightclub performer, to attend a personal art gallery appearance. 

While there, they travel to Sedona. Lang, Amanda, and their best friends visit a vortex in a remote hiking area. Their guides are aware that the vortex contains a recently formed crop circle, but no one is prepared for the contrasting influences the strange energy has on each individual as they explore the mysterious formation.

The story grabs you right off. Couldn't put it down characters are well developed and easy to relate to. Looking forward to reading more books from Venita Louise

The Savvy Shopper



Venita Louise, and "Mysterious Ways" didn't just blow me away. It left me at a monstrous loss for words. My mind is reeling and spilling with the overwhelming amount of extra extraordinary thought on this book. A joyous journey!

Stacey Lee Eldridge

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