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Dead on the Money

Dead on the Money, picks up where Initials For Murder, left off, ensnaring Tom and Olivia in yet another dangerous and thrilling adventure.

Tom Trask is basking in the glow of his recent engagement to H. Olivia Tully, but without warning, his elation turns to shattering danger when a ruthless convict shows up and begins to stalk them. He is believed to be the son of a bank robber who, Uncle Charlie, in his prior police years, sent up the river.

Mixed Nuts

The Beals live in a upper middle class neighborhood in the mid 1960's. Frank is a jingle writer who is having more than a little trouble coming up with a shoe polish jingle. Trying to keep up with the neighbor's expensive tastes is a full time job in itself. But when Frank butts heads with a Voodoo practicing Brazilian gardener, he gets much more than he bargains for, especially when he is distracted by all the spells flying back and forth, with a force strong enough to turn his wife into a love-starved siren and his children into well-behaved angels.

In Mysterious Ways

Lang Garrett, a successful Los Angeles artist travels to Phoenix with his girlfriend Amanda Howard, a nightclub performer, to attend a personal art gallery appearance. While there, they travel to Sedona. Lang, Amanda, and their best friends visit a vortex in a remote hiking area. Their guides are aware that the vortex contains a recently formed crop circle, but no one is prepared for the contrasting influences the strange energy has on each individual as they explore the mysterious formation.

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